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Quality Policy

Vajram Group is committed to 100% Total Quality Control across all departments. In all our construction-related processes, design, procurement in the best input production materials and workmanship, we analyse and check all factors to ensure thorough compliance with the industry standards. We are dedicated to sustaining and improving our quality through top products, timely delivery of projects and minimizing risks.

For over a decade, Vajram Group has spearheaded the real-estate sector and transformed the business experience overall. Over the years, Vajram Group has earned thousands of families' loyalty by providing high quality and standard products with a focus on key attributes like design, design validation, and design implementation. In addition, the integration of both in-house and reputed external third-party auditors makes Vajram Group stand out as a quality builder.



We conduct in-depth and well-grounded research with the help of modern techniques for soil evaluation and to test the firmness & suitability of the land for our project. And based on our testing, we determine the foundation and strength of the building. We conduct market research beforehand to use the right products that are modern and latest while developing the building. We invest a considerable amount of time conducting extensive research to find the right building materials that can make our building fool proof and comfortable for living. Our priority is to give enough attention to fittings and fixtures inside the building before finalizing all the specifications. All of these aspects mentioned above are the perfect ingredients to make the best design.

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This process involves third-party, and in-house quality audits at various levels. Through the APQC process, the finalized design data is fed into a modelling system where structure strength, wind load, seismic activity, among other important factors, are checked to ensure accuracy and minimize deviations to get an output that achieves a stable structure that will stand the test of time.



This is a critical phase in ensuring that all the validated designs are implemented with a zero-deviation policy. There are checks and controls at every stage of construction with the involvement of in-house and external quality auditors. It is ensured that tight quality control is achieved throughout the entire construction cycle. There is extra importance placed for engineering checks before customer handover to ensure TQM at every stage of the project's development.