Quality Policy

In all our construction-related processes, design and quality are the factors that hold great importance to us. We have both in house and reputed external third-party auditors who assist in audits and help us in all our implementation. They further analyse and check on our design proceedings to ensure thorough compliance with the industry standards.


Understanding of the micro market is the key to the success of any project. In today’s real estate world, it is important to understand buyer’s need In-depth understanding of the market scenario and integration of buyer’s requirements to the design process has been the key to success. Careful integration of the end user’s requirements, design optimization and creating a healthy living is the way ahead. The success of the project is not providing the built spaces, it is about creating spaces which caters to varied age group of the community. Less is more - Simple elegant building & emphasis on functionality of the spaces. Even balance of aesthetics and functionality of the spaces is the key feature of our approach. The goal is to create spaces that makes one feel at home.
User centric design - The entire design process goes through workshop mode where all the key stake holders’ feedback is taken during the design phase. This collaborative design process helps to understand the end user requirements and the design is crafted around it.

Design Validation

This process involves third party and In-house quality analysis of the project designs at various levels. In depth analysis is done on soil type, wind load and seismic activity and this data is fed into the modelling system to ensure accuracy and minimize deviations to get an output that achieves a stable structure.

Design Implementation

This is a critical phase where we ensure that all the validated designs are implemented with a zero deviation policy. There are checks and controls at every stage of construction with the involvement of in-house and external quality auditors where it is ensured that tight quality control is achieved throughout the entire construction cycle.

ISO Certificates

ISO certification is just one step that Vajram group has taken towards its ultimate goal of achieving excellence in quality. Our passion for quality is not just defining the standard but enduring the process to ensure the standard has been practiced on a daily basis. While zero defect policy in the construction industry is an extreme challenge, we are taking every step possible to reach the goal.

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