who we are

Vajram Group is a new generation, Bangalore-based, real-estate development company transcending conventions in design, quality, construction and customer relationships based on its founding principles of Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Professionalism. Vajram's experience in delivering residential, hospitality and commercial projects is built on these four core values that are embedded in us from blueprint to brick. We believe that the key element of all our projects is always the CUSTOMER - a view shared by one of the most dedicated teams in the industry.... We're about building more than just concrete structures and buildings – we want to build homes and great working environments that will inspire and last the test of time. The best interests of our clients always come first and we place your concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships. Our unified customer-centric philosophy ensures that our clients' investment and time are of paramount important to each and every member of our organization. We combine regional culture with international experience and our clients value this mix. Vajram's clients benefit from the strength of our in-house team of qualified and highly-skilled people. This is a factor that sets us apart in the construction industry today. We work to the highest standards and take personal pride in delivering a job well done based on our committed timelines. India's growing economy presents exciting prospects and growth opportunities. Over the last decade, the Vajram Group has used these opportunities to construct its organizational base with diversified interests in the technology, hospitality, aromatics and pharmaceutical sectors.


To rise above status quo by creating best-in-class living and working spaces that are contemporary in design, ergonomic, environmentally sustainable and constructed using materials of the highest quality and engineering excellence with a commitment to timelines.


To build high-quality living spaces that showcase innovative design and contemporary architecture to standout distinctly on the cityscape.

why invest with us

Our customers cite the following factors to be the reason they keep coming back to Vajram Group when investing in a property


Extending the delivery date of our projects is something we strictly do not conform to. We understand that we are not just building walls and ceilings but homes that hold the and dreams of many. Teams will work overtime to complete tasks than let it slide to just another day. By creating a comprehensive ecosystem of processes and practices, our project management team has created an enviable system that ensures all projects meet deadlines without any hassles. They understand each aspect of the project and create an action plan that is tailor-made to fit the same.


The real estate market’s biggest deficit is trust. With a history that makes the common man hesitant to put their hard earned money into a property, it is only natural for home-buyers to seek validation wherever possible. Clear title deeds are Vajram Group’s way of making our customer’s journey to a worry-free home ownership a reality. We do various background checks before we hand over the title deeds to the new owners ensuring no legal hassles ever crop up during future transactions. When we present the customers with the necessary documents, it comes with the understanding that when they buy a home with Vajram Group it belongs to them alone.


The finances a home incurs is not just the cost of buying it. Many other indirect and direct costs like maintenance costs, property tax and other expenses are also an essential part of owning a home. That is why at Vajram Group, we have made it a practice to divulge the Total Cost of Ownership to all our clients to ensure they understand full well what they would be paying for even after buying a home. This is precisely how we have built a trusted relationship with all of our customers, creating a transparent environment where each of them feels valued and respected.


We have stringent quality assurance practices and processes in place to ensure our customers get nothing but the very best. From our design validation process to zero tolerance in design deviation policy, each step in the path to constructing world-class homes is lined with quality check parameters.


While other real estate developers turn a cold shoulder to customers after the sale of a home, we are always there guiding our esteemed clients till the handover of the project and even after that. Our team of dedicated CRM specialists are responsive at all times and will be constantly in touch with our clients to give them an update on the progress of different projects by sending monthly construction updates.

Founder's Message
Technology without great design will not achieve the marketplace advantage that is a requirement for business success. When technology is supported by sophisticated design, the result is a supercharged and extremely potent business tool. Quality process specializes in the efficient development and delivery of appealing and satisfying customer experiences that aid our customer and our success.


Chairman & CEO