Why quality should be the benchmark for investing a home, not brands.

Home buying is an activity that is both overwhelming and nerve-wracking for most. The process
is most often divided into categories or sections in order of its importance- when you want to
settle in, what’s your budget, which is your area of choice, etc. It’s an extensive process that
requires time, patience and a well-chalked out plan that aids in hunting down the best home of
your choice.

Another aspect of home buying that often becomes very crucial is the brand name in itself
although it shouldn’t be of that much importance. What must be of optimum importance is the
values and commitment the brand follows in their endeavours. In fact, the mark of any big,
successful brand is in what they offer and how good is what they offer. This implies that the
popularity or value of any real estate brand is directly dependent on the quality of resources,
materials and craftsmanship it offers to the prospective clients.

Secret of a brand

The secret of any successful brand by virtue is the quality of service or products it offers. For
any real estate brand to succeed, it is imperative that the brand renders services that are
beyond average expectations. Only that way, the customers will start believing in the company
and its employees. It is extremely important that a brand build its rapport with its clients and
through that, a brand can reach out to a larger number of customers. No form of compromise is
acceptable when a brand wishes to make a mark for themselves in the realm of real estate.

Tricks of the trade

As a customer, your first priority is to ensure that the project on offer is located in a valuable
area, its proximity to important public spaces such as schools, malls, colleges, hotels, offices,
hospitals, etc are all factors that enhance the project’s value. If the builder offers you the same,
you’re definitely on the right path.

Another aspect that must be considered when choosing a real estate builder is to make
yourself well-aware of all their previous projects if any. This allows you to have a yardstick to
compare the project that you intend to buy. While assessing the project, you must evaluate the
time the builder takes to complete it. If they are on track, the type of materials they are using
and if they are following official standards throughout their process

The truth

“It’s not the beauty of a building you should look at. It’s the construction of the foundation of the
building that will stand the test of time.”
As a matter of fact, quality triumphs brand names. It’s simply due to the diligence and
commitment they put into their projects in order to prove themselves and gain trust from their
prospective clients. The primary aim is to please and ensure complete customer satisfaction
since they do not have a huge brand image already set in place for them. Instead, every move
made the brand is a strategic, meticulous plan to outreach to a desirable target audience. It’s
this yearning to become the best real estate developer that drives a brand in becoming ‘the’
brand for all.

Vajram Group is one such real estate brand that started out 9 years ago. We have relentlessly
worked towards creating living spaces that uphold the imagination of the group alongside the
vision of establishing ourselves as Bangalore’s best premium residential developer.
To summarize, as a homebuyer looking for a premium apartment in prime locations of
Bangalore, you should consider all the aspects above but must not be swayed away by a name.
Instead, you should trust a brand that’s putting greater efforts in making their project the best
they could. Vajram Tiara is a fine example of a project that crowns the Yelahanka Road and
Vajram Esteva ornates Bellandur! Both of the apartments are an ode to luxury living and make
for the most ideal apartments to choose for premium living experiences.

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