A home is the most preferred investment option among most Indians. Here’s Why!

The famous expression ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’, for Indians, owning a home is an absolute
must. While most people are comfortable renting a home, nothing quite compares to joy
and satisfaction of living in a place you can call your own. This desire to own a home is
further boosted by the fact that there are many regulatory changes like RERA in recent years
and a push for affordable housing from the government.

Beyond regulation and pride, there are some practical reasons why Indians find home
ownership enticing.

1. The ‘real’ investment: We’re still a touch and feel economy, where most of us would
like to see our investments which is why people prefer gold as a hot favorite. A real
estate investment is very much in line with this thought process. Seeing the value of
your asset grow year on year is one of the reasons why people choose to invest in a

2. Predictable outcomes: A real estate investment has a guaranteed return as opposed
to say the stock market. The return is exponential, especially if the investment is in
an up and coming area or shows growth potential. In micro markets like Yelahanka
and Bellandur in Bangalore, not only do people receive great ROIs on sale of
a property, they also get assure rentals that increase year on year.

3. Make a mess, it’s still your own: Landlords have a way of being intrusive in how you
maintain your home, and as average household incomes increase, people would
rather move into their own homes instead of dealing with the constant presence of a
nosy landlord.

4. Benefit from the Equity Build – up – The money that goes towards rent can be
directed towards paying off your loans. You are paying for the house you are going
to live in, better yet, if you invest in a ready to move in home, you can enjoy your
own home while paying for it. After you pay off the loan, you have your own place
and a chunk of savings in your bank account.

5. Finally, personalization: While personalization of your space is not the #1 reason to
invest, the freedom to experiment with decor, try new ideas and even change the
look and feel of your space. Getting custom made furnishings, furniture and even
storage for your home really enriches the quality of life you enjoy.

As Indians, we have a long laundry list of achievements that we need to achieve personally
and professionally. Home ownership is above it, it’s not just a check on a list, it is a result of
blood, sweat and (hopefully not) many tears. At Vajram, we take pride in creating homes
that bring residents constant joy. Modern amenities, thoughtful additions and world-class
construction quality makes every Vajram home a ‘forever’ investment. Sign-up for a great life
at any of our ready to occupy properties in Bellandur and Yelahanka.

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