Green Building Certifications: Importance and Benefits

Thanks to the growing environmental consciousness, sustainability is a priority interest for many organisations. From saving water to reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energy or minimising waste, sustainable organisations promote green practices and continuously strive to find new, safe ways for the future. More ambitious sustainability practitioners are turning to green buildings for a system that can better sustain itself, benefiting the individual as well as the environment.

Green Buildings

Green buildings are designed with sustainability in mind. For example, they may use sustainable building materials like recycled glass and steel or install commercial solar panel systems during their construction. The primary aim of green buildings is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and natural environment by designing high performance, energy-efficient structures. While the environmental benefits of these eco-friendly constructions are obvious, they also bring lots of benefits and advantages to building owners and users, like improved marketability, cost savings, increased comforts, healthier indoor environment quality, enhanced durability to name a few.

Although green buildings are emerging throughout the world, there is considerable confusion about the whole green concept. Since the industry lacks clear definitions and standards, some companies have been able to make unsubstantiated claims about their environmental credentials, making the consumer all the more skeptical. So, what’s the solution?

Green Building Certifications

Green building certification is a great way to add credibility to any green building. It is based on scoring methods that rate the buildings on green parameters (like energy and materials to acoustics, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc.), providing an objective assessment of a building’s environmental sustainability. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is one of the most known certification systems in India that offers a wide array of services, including green building rating programmes and certification services.


Green building certification systems are one of the best building practice standards for sustainable construction. Joining in industry partnerships with respected certification programs is a smart long-term investment for companies. When a building is certified, it is an external, independent proof that it meets a number of sustainable construction requirements, bestowing World-Class environmental reputation upon the company. Not only is a company’s environmental reputation good for its brand value, but it also has a clear preference for its customers. Positive external brand perception attracts more tenants/purchasers and increases the value of future transactions. Further leading to opportunities to achieve higher sales, attract and retain high-performing staff, and deliver a better experience for customers.

As the demand for environmentally certified buildings increases, the organisations must prioritize sustainable approaches to the design, construction and operations of the built environment. At Vajram Group, we understand this and have started taking action. We ensure our projects minimize environmental impact during construction and have access to regular updated information on improved construction methods. More importantly, all materials used in all our projects are in compliance with Green Building standards and regulations.