Why your next home should be in Vajram Orchid?

Over the years, the luxury villas have seen a significant prominence and appreciation, making it one of the most dynamic segments of the real estate market of Bangalore. Luxury villas are considered as a lifestyle statement and reflect the social status of an individual. With the transforming lifestyle from the high-paying jobs which Bangalore offers,

The Many Joys of Thanisandra Main Road

Bangalore is an interesting place that intrigues people of all ages with its diversity, colourful heritage, and rich culture. From history to adventure, nightlife to cafes, open gardens to luxury malls, pubs to lounges, you get everything here. And the suburbs of Thanisandra offer the same luxuries that create within its residents a zest for

Thanisandra – The Next Big Suburb

Thanisandra, located at the Northern Suburban area of the Silicon Valley of India, has become one of the real estate hotspots of the city. With Bangalore getting crowded every day, people are looking for and moving into housing projects in the suburban areas. With a shift to developed suburbs cropping up, many real estate companies

10 Year Challenge – A look at Yelahanka over the years

The town of Yelahanka has existed as early as the 12th century. Although located at the outskirts of the Bangalore City, this area is one of the fastest-growing localities. This year, as predicted by a lot of real estate experts, suburban areas are going to play a key role in the overall development of real

Real Estate Trends In 2019

It’s certainly going to be an uncertain year for the real estate sector in 2019, as stated in the Emerging Trends Report compiled by the Urban Land Institute. Unlike the previous years, the real estate trends this year are going to be multi-layered and full of surprises. But even with the overlapping trends, Bangalore seems

A look back at the real estate trends of 2018

When 2018 rolled in, everybody was sure that it would be the year to clear away all the confusions that had plagued the real estate market since the introduction of GST and RERA in 2017. While many of the problems did recede, it did not completely dissipate. But even with the crippling effects of both,

Performance review of Bangalore North’s Real Estate Market

Bengaluru has surfaced as the front-runner in South India’s real estate market with housing demand and supply in the city being higher than several other regions of South India. In fact, Bangalore realty market is ranked second to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) with regards to supply and absorption for Q1. The steady increase in

Green Building Certifications: Importance and Benefits

Thanks to the growing environmental consciousness, sustainability is a priority interest for many organisations. From saving water to reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energy or minimising waste, sustainable organisations promote green practices and continuously strive to find new, safe ways for the future. More ambitious sustainability practitioners are turning to green buildings for a system

The Evolution of Real Estate in the Last Decade

Real estate sector encompasses four sub-sectors that are retail, housing, hospitality, and commercial. The expansion of this industry can be complemented by the need for office spaces alongside the growth of the corporate environment. Ranking third on the list is the construction of the 14 prime sectors in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vajram Group

Don’t worry, we will not bore you with the usual spiel about how great we are, how much hard work we put into every project, how much the customer means to us etc..etc.. Nope, we know you have heard it all before, but that does not mean we do not take pleasure in doing our